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Latest Updates

> Dungeon Master

[ 11.12.2019 ]

> Tavern Mug 2

[ 10.12.2019 ]

> The Wizard

[ 09.12.2019 ]

> The Warlock

[ 08.12.2019 ]

> The Sorcerer

[ 07.12.2019 ]

> The Rogue

[ 06.12.2019 ]

> The Ranger

[ 05.12.2019 ]

> The Paladin

[ 04.12.2019 ]

> The Monk

[ 03.12.2019 ]


We will send out STL-Files, NO physical products. But if you don’t own a printer, yet still
want a mug, you can send those files to an online printing service.

Sadly not before christmas. Every single mug is finished and are at the moment being double checked, ready to be distributed starting latest from the 25th of January as long as the Mythic Mugs Kickstarter has been funded by then.

Yes! This was very important to us. Many design choices were made so no one has to waste both filament and time.
Every mug has been test printed at 0.2 layer height.

One size to fit them all (or at least many)! We will provide inserts to fit the following can sizes:
25cl, 33cl, 50cl, 12oz, 12oz sleek and 16oz. Furthermore, if you want to use larger can sizes instead, you can scale the mugs up 110.625% and they should fit 23oz, 23.5oz, and 25oz (we have only been able to test with a 23.5oz but have been told they all have the same diameter)

No. We are definitily not recommending using these prints like mugs, they are only
suppossed to hold cans. There might be foodsafe filaments, but the surface of the print is
never smooth – liquids can get into the spaces in between, no matter how small they might seem.
It can get moldy and become a biohazard. Tossware makes 12oz recycled plastic cans. We are not affiliated with them in any way, but their product is a great choice for the can holders, if you are in a country that can purchase them.

The designs were tested and made to fit the build area of an Ender 3. Smaller printers might not be able to print all of the mugs. The mugs range from 16-22cm in height.

These are not fast prints and depending on your printer setting they will roughly take between 12 and 24 hours per mug, depending on the mug being printed. While we did our best to optimize and not make them unnecessarily large, the sole intention was to make a prop that speaks to that specific class.

Generally our print settings were 0.2 layer height, 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers, 2 walls, 12% infill. Results can vary a lot from printer to printer, maybe 3 walls will be needed for a sturdier mug (depending on how rough you smack them together). For some mugs where an area is slanting (like the Bard’s and the Paladin’s base), 0.08 layer height were used in that specific area to give it a smoother surface, and then 0.2 layer height for the rest of the mug.

Late pledges will be up only for a limited time. They will end on the 27th of January 2020 at 6PM (Europe, Copenhagen). After the timer runs out, we won’t accept payment anymore. We plan to send the files 2 days after we sent out the files for the Kickstarter backers. We cannot offer any payment option other than PayPal.

Dungeon Master


24 hours left till launch!!
And today we present the Dungeon Master’s Mug!
This one is especially made for all you DM’s out there, doing an amazing job keeping your groups entertained and sitting on the edge of their chairs. We aimed to encompass all of the DM’s role. World building. Adventures with risks versus rewards. The classic elements of D&D. Hold the dragon by the wings, have a sip as you contemplate your next move on guiding your adventurers through their mishaps.

We hope to see you tomorrow at the Mythic Mugs campaign launch!

Tavern Mug 2


scroll text rogue ct02

Today we reveal the small classic tavern mug, simply named number 2 because the classic design is a very appealing one and we want to make more variations of this in the future.

Compared with the original mug from Thingiverse, this one is slightly more stylized and features the best grip we have made yet. There’s room for a full grip and the thumb rests comfortably in the crease.

The Wizard


scroll text rogue wizard

Today we conclude the class mugs and all 12 are now revealed, but we still have 2 mugs left to show you!

The Wizard’s mug is among our favorites, a magic potion bottle, decorated in fine rope and jewelry, as well as a tiny gecko familiar! Be sure to name him when you print the mug!

The Warlock


scroll text rogue warlock

We continue the trio of spellcasters with the Warlock,
an old and sinister looking mug with a decorative eye that follows your every move. To give a firm grip on the mug, a scrollcase is attached with strange symbols.

To bring everyone up to speed, tomorrow we will reveal the last of the class mugs, the Wizard! What we have left besides that is the small classic tavern mug and the DM mug, stay tuned as we soon will launch the Mythic Mugs!

The Sorcerer


scroll text rogue sorcerer

A summoning circle rests on the table. Glowing. Thick smoke rises. Extending through the black cloud is a hand, fiendish, offering a sinister looking glass vial… What’s that? The Sorcerer is being too dramatic when retrieving their morning tea?

Nonetheless, today is the revealing of the Sorcerer, a very unique mug we have been excited to show you all.

The Rogue


scroll text rogue

With 6 days left we are nearing the Kickstarter. Today is the Rogue’s mug, a practical mug enveloped with a toolbelt of his trades, hugging the mug tight with multiple belt straps, along with a throwing knife tucked in for those who get too close to your mug!

The Ranger


scroll text ranger

7 days left, and today we present the mug of the Ranger. The mug represents a leather bottle, a practical choice for the Ranger in their long travels. Strapped to the belt and fashioned with a leafy scale mail pattern on the back to better blend in with the surroundings.
Have you found your favorite class mug so far or are you waiting to see the remaining 6 mugs revealed?

The Paladin


scroll text paladin

A chalice made out of determination, blessed metal and crested with a ray of light.

It shows how the Paladin is always ready, to smite the darkness!

The Monk


scroll text monk
A simple mug for the one who does not praise worldly possessions as highly as many others, the wise and battlehardened Monk!

The Fighter


scroll text fighter

A classic beer stein design, fused with armor pieces.
The handle used to be a sword, to give the Fighter a familiar grip.
But the true eye catcher of this mug, is the dragon head embedded into the shield. A glorious reward for those, who enter battle righteously!

The Druid


scroll text druid

Grown with nothing but raw nature,
the Druid’s mug combines the beauty of  life and death.

Lovely 1st December to all of you ♥

The Cleric


scroll text cleric

A valuable choice of equipment for those, who want to cleanse their enemies. The Cleric’s mug is inspired by the insence burner of a priest, in the style of a priceless relict.

The Bard


scroll text bard

An elegant mug, with keepsakes from joyful adventures. Naturally, we included an instrument, but the coolest part:
it is functional!

Entertain your fellow party member at your next D&D session!
…Or annoy the crap out of them.

The Barbarian


We are really happy to finally share our first mug: The Barbarian. A mighty beast tusk hollowed out and fashioned into a crude tankard!

This is for all the thirsty beast slayers out there –
Axe down, mug up!

What's next?


Hey guys! So far the project is running well, but I guess many of you are not quite sure, what awaits them. Mythic Mugs will be about the classic roles, of many Fantasy RPG’s: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard. Also we want to dedicate a mug to the mighty Dungeon Masters among you. Soon we will be ready to share pictures and videos.
See ya!

Greetings Traveler!


Welcome! My name is Søren, I am a team member of ArsMoriendi3D. We have been working on 3D prints before, to upgrade the tabletop game experience. Some of you might be familiar with our Can Holder Mug. With our upcoming theme “You all meet in a Tavern…” we want to take printable mugs onto another level! If everything goes according to plan, the project will launch on the December 12th 2019 at 2PM (Europe, Copenhagen) on Kickstarter. Stay tuned, more updates will come soon. See ya!